RAMBleed Attack – Steal sensitive data from the memory of computer

RAMBleed attack is Rowhammer based attack like Rowhammer attack let the attacker to directly effect the DRAM ( Dynamic random access memory ) it can lead bit flip ( Bit manuplation ) or privilege escalation .

RAMBleed attack here can let the unprivileged user to read and manipulate the data in physical memory . The attack does require that hackers have access to areas of the memory where the exploit code has permission to access, but once that’s in place RAMBleed can extract data from DRAM modules that are protected by error correcting code which would normally spot and stop dodgy bit flipping techniques. They can easily induce bit flips in neighbouring rows and to do things like gaining root privileges and evading a sandbox, do the same thing remotely, compromise Linux virtual machines on cloud servers, hack Android devices remotely, etc.

“We suspect that many classes of computers are susceptible to RAMBleed,” said the researchers.

RAMBleed attackers must be local, making for a low-severity CVSS v.3 rating of 3.8 (researchers said they considered in-the-wild attacks to be “unlikely”). Users can mitigate their risk by upgrading their memory to DDR4 with targeted row refresh (TRR) enabled, according to the research.

Andrew Kwong and Daniel Genkin at the University of Michigan, Daniel Gruss at Graz University of Technology and Yuval Yarom at University of Adelaide have disclosed the attack method, which, by observing Rowhammer-induced bit flips in memory, can deduce the values in nearby dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) rows.

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