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BLOCKCHAIN – Security And Assurity to the Transaction

Blockchain is a advanced technology that allows data to be stored and exchanged on a peer-to-peer1 (P2P) basis. All blockchain data can be consulted,shared and fully secured.In simple words blockchain is securing your data by creating chain of block are linked using cryptography and technology mainly used for transaction your money across the borders in lower cost than banks and more securely with all histories of your transaction. A hacker would need to change every single block after it on the blockchain because after transaction blockchain verfied transaction and give unique hashes to the blocks which is add to the chain. Recalculating all those hashes is impossible for hacker. In simple words once a block is added to the blockchain it becomes very difficult to edit and impossible to delete.

The 3 categories of blockchain

  • PUBLIC BLOCKCHAIN: All participants can read the data contained in the blocks.
  • CONSORTIUM BLOCKCHAIN: Read rights can be public or limited to certain nodes.
  • PRIVATE BLOCKCHAIN: Read rights may be limited by the central

The benefits of blockchain?

  • Reduction in KYC costs: Reduction of cost in the insurance and banking industries and public sector, the requirement to compile documentation on customers and stakeholders (“Know Your Customer”, or KYC) is a costly, time-consuming process which could be done by this technology.
  • Lower risk of fraud and theft of insured property: Blockchain technology will also help organisations to tackle fraud.
  • Automation of tasks with zero added value: The processes can be automated and rendered more secure by eliminating the need for certain instances of human input .
  • Greater transparency: Transaction histories are more transparence through blockchain.
  • Enhanced security: More secure than other record management system.

The field were blockchain technology is used now a days.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Entertainment
  • travel sector
  • Finances
  • Peer-to-peer global payments

Blockchain Technology Companies.

Best blockchain certifications.

  • Certified Blockchain Expert
  • Certified Blockchain Developer
  • Certified Corda Expert
  • Certified Corda Architect
  • Certified Corda Developer
  • Certified Smart Contract Developer
  • Certified Bitcoin Expert
  • Certified Ethereum Expert
  • Certified Solidity Developer
  • Certified Bitcoin Expert
  • Certified Ethereum Expert
  • Certified Solidity Developer
  • Certified Cryptocurrency Expert
  • Certified Cryptocurrency Trader
  • Certified Hyperledger Expert
  • Certified Hyperledger Developer
  • Certified Blockchain Architect
  • Certified Blockchain & Supply Chain Professional
  • Certified Blockchain & Finance Professional
  • Certified Quorum Expert
  • Certified Blockchain & KYC Professional
  • Certified Blockchain & Law Professional
  • Certified Blockchain & HR Professional
  • Certified Quorum Developer
  • Certified Blockchain & Healthcare Professional
  • Certified Blockchain & Digital Marketing Professional

Some of the best ebook for blockchain certification given by blockchain council.

  • Certified Cryptocurrency Trade$14.99
  • Certified Bitcoin Expert$14.99

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