Iran weapon system faced CYBER ATTACK launched by US

Us launched a cyber attack on Iranian weapons systems against the shot down of U.S surveillance Drone. Iran intelligence network was also targeted in this attack . It is being said that this attack was approved by U.S president Donald trump.

This started on Thursday when US President Donald Trump ordered a retaliatory military attack against Iran after the drone shoot down but then called it off, saying the response would not be “proportionate/equal” and instead undertake new sanctions for the country.

Two of the US officials even said said the attacks, which targeted Weapon systems of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), had been provided as options after two oil tankers were bombed. The IRGC has been appointed as a foreign terrorist group by the Trump administration. A third official confirmed the broad outlines of the attack. All told a condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to speak publicly about the operation

Over the past year, the US has focused on engaging with the opponent in cyberspace and undertaking more offensive operations.

Both sides are desperate to know what the other side is thinking,” said John Hultquist, director of intelligence analysis at FireEye. “You can absolutely expect the regime to be leveraging every tool they have available to reduce the uncertainty about what’s going to happen next, about what the US’s next move will be.

In recent weeks hackers believed to be working for the Iranian government have targeted US government agencies, as well as sectors of the oil and gas, economy including finance, sending waves of spear-phishing emails, according to representatives of cybersecurity companies FireEye and CrowdStrike.

The ERA of cyberwar has begun now it’s time for every country to prepare their cyber army with the most professional hackers and cyber security experts.



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